wake up

I was dreaming that I was going to bed later than I wanted but then my computer clock relaunched to show non-DST, going from ~11:20 to ~10:20, as the clocks were falling back that night, which I hadn’t realized, and I was psyched to have an extra hour of sleep; this seemed to be at camp or similar-looking place. Within minutes IRL, my alarm went off at the normal DST time >:O


Big one.

  • I was riding a river-raft-like small open train car on the T with a small group of people. Tons of people were getting off at maybe North Station (it had a high ceiling similar to the Davis platform). Later I came home, though I was with some WU friends. The NH house was in Somerville or thereabouts and was a small-footprint, maybe 3- or 4-story buildingl it almost seemed to be up on stilts or like a fire tower, with living space on just one floor (maybe an apartment), with an entrance from stairs in the middle facing west, a family room on the right (north), maybe a dining room on the left (south), maybe a bedroom straight ahead (west), maybe the kitchen around the other side (east). It was sunny late afternoon at one point; later I was by myself after dark getting ready to go to bed (at that point it was more like the RL NH house). My parents returned from the presidential debate, which I realized was where all the people getting off the T had been going, and said it went well.
  • I was in a part of my parents’ house, barnlike, but it was maybe a single-story space walled/ceilinged off from a double-height space, on the west end of the larger space, daylit from over east. The walls were maybe just framing members spanned by hardware cloth and containing quite a few exotic animals, all just hanging out, including maybe birds and definitely multiple species of great apes (in the northwest) and some lions and maybe panthers (in the northeast). I had to walk past the apes and cats to exit the room to the east, which I was nervous about, but they didn’t bother me, and when I got out I closed various doors with eye hooks to keep the animals in. I went around to the south side of the room and stuff was sitting atop its ceiling, including a fuzzy cat bed with a cat, raised on the sides and back. I was supposed to tie a string across the front to somehow keep the cat in, but the cat stole the string, jumped down to the floor, and mangled it. Some people came to check in as into a hotel, and I wasn’t able to help them because the cat was causing me to drop my camera in its case etc. There were west windows by then too but the main light was still from the east.
  • Maybe right after the above: I walked east in a hallway at the north edge of a larger space into an auditorium (similar to high school but not); Peter Hook and a man and woman who were prominent British indie musicians 80s-early 90s (but I never placed who they were) were there too, preceded the rest of us (I think there were a few more people besides) into the auditorium. Hook went onstage and started playing a Chapman Stick, and when I expressed enthusiasm for seeing one in real life for the first time, he explained that he and his family had bought the plans for it and built it for cheap. It looked cobbled together from drafting and printing supplies.

new lanes

I was riding in car with my parents toward the highway near the house. At the end of the road I saw a new short road-width clearing diagonally to the left, which crossed the highway, and a corresponding one at a reverse left, i.e. two new entry/exit lanes to the west. Dad flagged down another car passing by as we turned left onto the existing side way to the highway west, to ask them about what was going on, was concerned about paving cost etc. I couldn’t hear what they said. Later, standing out on the road back on the south side of the highway, I was thinking/saying that now the trees were cleared anyway, it might well make the intersection safer to go through with making the new lanes. Another guy around my age was there whose parents maybe now lived nearby, plus maybe some friends, and he showed us a map he’d drawn of an idea to reroute the highway north to the hamlet and make a little commercial village center there with a shop or two, just as a hypothetical, kind of a neat idea; the northwest stretch of the highway coming up from further would just continue straight (IRL it wouldn’t quite work right).

shop browse

I was in a shop that seemed much like a museum gift shop, running north-south with the rest of the building to the west and windows to the east, dimly lit. There were lots of clothes aisles, but I also checked out an aisle with graphics supplies, including compasses of various sizes (with central sliding disks connecting pencil/point holders, like my mom’s RL one). There was also a small cafeteria-restaurant island further south in the room. A number of friends or other acquaintances were present among the general public.

canal paddle

I was kayaking around with high school and college friends on an unprepossessing canal. It had a grassy slope, maybe with a chain link fence at the top of the bank. It was early twilight, maybe somewhat cloudy. The canal maybe curved from north/south to east/west at a southwest corner. We were moving around in circles, some people standing as though on standing paddleboards or gondolas; this led into another scene since forgotten.

sudden sleet

I was in the kitchen in NH standing looking out the west windows, talking to my mom; it was overcast out. I looked away briefly and when I looked back, the ground had been covered white by sleet and it was continuing to fall.

forest drive

I was driving with my parents through hilly countryside in England, really beautiful forests with lots of paper birches mixed in with darker trees. It seemed fairly monochrome, maybe partly near dusk.


I was listening to Jimi Hendrix “Fire” and thought again about how it was a proto-drum-and-bass rhythm and how it would be interesting to remix it as such. I later read on Twitter that a bunch of first-generation d&b producers had done just that and listened to samples of the results where possible. Some were sort of cheesy with vocal reinterpretations. Photek’s was the best, closest to what I’d imagined in my mind’s eye (ear). I wrote a blog entry about it, as in actually wrote the whole thing out in the dream, making me late for helping with supper prep (I was at home in NH). Earlier I had been walking down a steep curved road in the woods from an area of McMansion development.

Estonia morning

During morning twilight, I was riding south through Estonia on a bus; the surroundings were very green and maybe misty. I wanted to run to the southern border and then back to Tallinn (my draft notes don’t specify where I wanted to get off the bus to start the run). I was somewhat unnerved by the lack of shoulder on the highway. The road lines were dashed and green. At one grade-level interchange, the highway curved all around.

Marienfeld paths

  • I was on a familiar north-south path extending south from a road, going to Marienfeld to the north, but going through a farmhouse in the woods on the southern extension (definitely an echo of an earlier dream scene); in this case I was east of the path in a clearing, with the farmhouse uphill to the west. I went up to the farmhouse to look at the trail and there were some campers nearby, and one of the guys who lived in the house, around my age, told me he was having a problem with something they were doing (they seemed to be having campfires in tilted white plastic buckets) and wondered whether he should ask them to stop, and I was like “yeah of course they’re on your property after all.”
  • In another familiar location, at the lake at the end of a short drive to the west of the north-south asphalt road near Marienfeld (always seemingly a bright-overcast day), there was a flat raised rock at the water’s edge (~3′ wide) that I remembered being split from earlier, but now was reminded was bisected by the NH/Maine border and painted to indicate this in gregarious colors, with an outlined dashed line for the border.