no park 4 u

I was riding in the car with my parents. We turned left onto a highway up north in NH at a T intersection. It was a misty day. I thought to myself that the location was uncannily like the NH dream I’d just had (IRL, see previous entry). Later, on the same road maybe, but further north/east: the road went down a long steep hill to the east, and I had to drive up and down it a few times for some reason, looking for maybe a state park entrance to the south on the upper end of the hill. The hill was super-dark and it was nighttime but for some reason the other cars going by (only about one per climb/descent) didn’t have their headlights on. At the top of the hill it was late sunny afternoon. I drove further back west/south at one point on the road past the top of the hill, around a sharp curve, looking for the park entrance, then pulled a U just after the sharp curve; I went back, still couldn’t find the park entrance, but did see a chained-off way that seemed in the right location. I went back down the hill and ended up on the shore, maybe the seacoast, in the late morning. A big pebbly open area was to the south of the road/parking lot, with an info center or something near the middle and water to the south beyond, maybe to the east as well, but there were some woods to the east anyway, with land also visible further across the water to the south. There were lots of visitors there, all in T-shirts and shorts pretty much, while I was in my office clothes.

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