Worcester, NH

In Worcester, NH, a town located somewhere up north, in a woodsy/fieldsy rural area, was a derelict old house, quite large, sort of cubic in massing with a hip roof but with smaller volumes attached to it. Its walls had large holes in a bunch of places, its windows broken or gone, the paint was peeling, it was totally abandoned; yet it was the headquarters of (I think) some sort of construction-materials company, nominally — a photo it was shown in a catalog or pamphlet from the company that I was looking at, calling it the HQ even though it was shown in its present state. While I was on location near the house, dark clouds were hanging heavy and the light was dim, as if heralding a thunderstorm, but I don’t remember there being any sign of thunder. The house was on the north side of an east-west state highway with woods behind and a view a ways out to the east, with maybe a field with woods beyond on the south side of the road.

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