beach plans

  • I was with my parents and a number of other people, including an oceanographer who was going to take us on a tour of seashores, starting with Virginia Beach. However, one of the other tour members, a guy we knew, in his 50s or 60s, tall, mostly bald but with a few wisps of white curly hair and a mustache, warned that the shells there were toxic in some way, or something like that, and so the oceanographer changed plans to Old Orchard Beach instead (he also mentioned that he was very wary of aggressive dogs, but I think that was separate from Virginia Beach); the mostly-bald guy said something about Old Orchard Beach being a regular running destination for me, and I countered that it was a *little* outside my range.
  • I was at a gas station with my parents, maybe connected to the previous scene. Inside the station convenience store, which had a high ceiling, there was a stand with a bunch of stuffed animals, including a smaller version of my owl Pöllö, and it was the only one left, so I grabbed it to buy; Dad went to an empty cash register and rang it up, without anyone seeming to notice; it was $4.10 and I gave him a $5 bill, and he handed back a heavy amount of change that seemed excessive.

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