• In the backyard in NH, I noticed a few sticks on the bird feeder lawn and was told by someone else nearby that part of one was actually a stick insect, but I couldn’t detect it. Suddenly it bolted away and ran around the yard, around the rock lawn, and it was alarmingly large, about a foot long and a half inch in diameter or so, with a strangely mammalian face (but I don’t recall it exactly); a small raccoon was also running around the lawn, as well as a third animal, maybe a small dog, and the people around were maybe trying to catch one or other of them, and it also seemed like the insect might bite, and it was chaos. But it was a sunny early afternoon.
  • I was inside, in a room of a house maybe, with light walls and south windows letting in bright daylight. I was looking WNW as someone showed me a music video they’d made in 1983. The video was immersive and somewhat melded with the room I was in, with similar light direction (daylight to the left) and view orientation. It took place in a train tunnel, circular in section, with closely-spaced ribs for structure around the edge. People — a coach and college team, it seemed, and maybe the creator of the video was the coach — were walking/running/dancing forth through the tunnel and also maybe riding a cart on the tracks, and also stood backed against the side of the tunnel as others went by.

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