space matters

While walking east in a left-turning L-shaped hallway, with windows on the south (right) wall and ahead, I found that some particularly plasticky Daleks (but various models) were right there and threatening to exterminate someone. (It was midafternoon, maybe, with bluish daylight but not sunlight.) It didn’t seem like I was in danger though — it seemed to be like an immersive documentary. The same scene then continued, but in a large gymnasium-like space with dim warm indirect daylight as from mostly-shaded golden-hour sun. A few other people were around, including a girl with a tall, stoned-surface-translucent-plastic-upturned-shade lamp on her head, in the shape of a slightly convex drinking glass, about 2′ high, and her hair, which was green I think, extended up the lampshade, but as if sprouting from it as well as from her scalp, fairly close-cropped and decreasing in length with height. The light bulb was maybe opaque orange, its color thus like that of the big tacky kind of Christmas window light, but incandescent-bulb-shaped; it transpired that she had the lamp on for a good reason, as it was some kind of electronic signaling device to space, or something like that.

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