hard and soft materials type ting

  • On a sunny late morning, at the south side of the boatshop, one of my WU friends was sawing off the eaves to reveal fine layers, including one fiberglass-like one, maybe per my direction; afterwards he was standing next to me on the lawn and was another WU friend instead, wearing changing-tint glasses and saying something creepy having to do with going to a store or something (jokingly tho). A few other people were around too.
  • I was inside an open-plan public or commercial building, with two floors somewhat open to each other with low ceilings but glossy light-colored finishes like maybe marble (this reminds me of RL Tapiola city hall). It was a sunny late morning again/still. I was walking east on the second floor with a number of people, then went down stairs on the east side. There was lots of glazing just below, plus a wall of variegated knit square pads to the left, ranging in size from ~2″ x 1/2″ thick to ~2′ by 6″ thick. I mentioned that they were rather fractal, maybe also in their coloration; I was also talking (or at least thinking) about how unfortunate it was that asbestos turned out to be toxic, since it was such a good insulator. On first floor, on the west edge of the stair lobby, was an alcove with columns bounding it in front, with a cubic planting pot next to one of the columns, in which were fan-fern-like things made of those waxy magenta materials that are those stalagmites you can grow in a jar. Another friend who was present explained to the people gathered what the story on them was.

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