new lanes

I was riding in car with my parents toward the highway near the house. At the end of the road I saw a new short road-width clearing diagonally to the left, which crossed the highway, and a corresponding one at a reverse left, i.e. two new entry/exit lanes to the west. Dad flagged down another car passing by as we turned left onto the existing side way to the highway west, to ask them about what was going on, was concerned about paving cost etc. I couldn’t hear what they said. Later, standing out on the road back on the south side of the highway, I was thinking/saying that now the trees were cleared anyway, it might well make the intersection safer to go through with making the new lanes. Another guy around my age was there whose parents maybe now lived nearby, plus maybe some friends, and he showed us a map he’d drawn of an idea to reroute the highway north to the hamlet and make a little commercial village center there with a shop or two, just as a hypothetical, kind of a neat idea; the northwest stretch of the highway coming up from further would just continue straight (IRL it wouldn’t quite work right).

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