Marienfeld paths

  • I was on a familiar north-south path extending south from a road, going to Marienfeld to the north, but going through a farmhouse in the woods on the southern extension (definitely an echo of an earlier dream scene); in this case I was east of the path in a clearing, with the farmhouse uphill to the west. I went up to the farmhouse to look at the trail and there were some campers nearby, and one of the guys who lived in the house, around my age, told me he was having a problem with something they were doing (they seemed to be having campfires in tilted white plastic buckets) and wondered whether he should ask them to stop, and I was like “yeah of course they’re on your property after all.”
  • In another familiar location, at the lake at the end of a short drive to the west of the north-south asphalt road near Marienfeld (always seemingly a bright-overcast day), there was a flat raised rock at the water’s edge (~3′ wide) that I remembered being split from earlier, but now was reminded was bisected by the NH/Maine border and painted to indicate this in gregarious colors, with an outlined dashed line for the border.

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