canal episodes

  • I was out running near the Charles River on the north side and about to head west toward Watertown, but I wanted to take a look at the options for running west on the south side, so I went over to a big map in the median of the adjacent parkway and saw how the Pike made for sparse options near the river. In maybe a disconnected scene, I thought about sailing along the Pike out into further-west MA as if it were a canal and not a highway. #iwish
  • There was an old Mac (an all-in-one, beige, with the monitor over the computer block) leaned up against the wall by a window overnight at home in NH; some rain came in and I worried about the computer getting rain inside, so I unplugged it to let it dry out. Subsequently I was up on a wide white flat roof, and someone ascended in maybe a crane-like thing (though I have no recollection of that), but there also seemed to be a vehicle parked on the roof. I went inside to do some sort of work maybe. Inside was a classroom, and a discussion was underway about human trafficking and a widespread problem of people being kept captive as “dolls” (for passive display/presence only, I think). There were big blocks of sliced pastrami at the head of the class and I snacked on a slice, and others followed. #dark
  • I was in a small reedy waterway like a canal or a small river, with an overpass. The dream’s view-camera was tracking along the water with ominous music, implicitly following an ominous underwater creature swimming. Eventually its dark finned/spiny back came into view; it seemed to find and consume (relatively instantly) someone in the water, but then maybe swam up to someone else and just nuzzled him, as if with affection. #dark #cute

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    I like seeing how people’s dreams reflect their interests and lives and basically what they spend a lot of time thinking about. With strangers, it’s interesting to make assumptions about them based on recurring themes.

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