dock slide

  • I was staying/living in a house with a motley crue of hometown people and others. We were all together for a while in a spacious upper-floor room with a cathedral ceiling. The room had an early/mid 20th-century middle-class European feeling, with maybe sage-ish color walls. It was a dim day outside (there were windows to the west and east maybe), and there was an incandescent floor lamp to the north side of the room; there seemed to be big cavernous tunnels out of the room to the north or south, which we maybe went through to get somewhere else.
  • Out at the south edge of a lake in winter, with other people to the west, on a sunny afternoon, I was sliding east on my stomach on what seemed to be a dock covered in ice-glazed snow (or anyway a dock-shaped platform seemingly above water level) with the sun behind me. I was able to start sliding from a stop seemingly by mental effort alone; this reminded me of seals, and thus a baby seal showed up, romping around I think; the location seemed to have switched to the north end of the field in NH and the directions flipped.

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