glade crowd

  • I was out on an upper-story west-facing deck with a Macbook, looking out over maybe a street and other buildings, though the wider environment seemed maybe rural; it was sunny afternoon but scattered rain was spritzing. I went inside — the floor levels seemed raised and lowered from the deck level — leaving the laptop there, and it was sprinkling when I came back out.
  • In maybe the same scene, I was looking over up the grassy/treed slope to the west and wanting to drive around beyond to the south and west, but realized the roads were probably private — this was the same place as a previous dream (see 4/15/2012) with Ardez at the eastern edge of the woods, with playing fields to the south and a Middle Eastern lake to the west beyond the woods.
  • I was in a somewhat clear area — it was overhung by tree canopies, but there were no trees within it — of a forest, on an overcast day, with a stream on the east side of the clearing and a big boulder on the southwest side. There were lots of people there, including a high school or middle school XC team about to start preseason; I walked around the boulder.

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