Monthly Archives: August 2012

canal episodes

  • I was out running near the Charles River on the north side and about to head west toward Watertown, but I wanted to take a look at the options for running west on the south side, so I went over to a big map in the median of the adjacent parkway and saw how the Pike made for sparse options near the river. In maybe a disconnected scene, I thought about sailing along the Pike out into further-west MA as if it were a canal and not a highway. #iwish
  • There was an old Mac (an all-in-one, beige, with the monitor over the computer block) leaned up against the wall by a window overnight at home in NH; some rain came in and I worried about the computer getting rain inside, so I unplugged it to let it dry out. Subsequently I was up on a wide white flat roof, and someone ascended in maybe a crane-like thing (though I have no recollection of that), but there also seemed to be a vehicle parked on the roof. I went inside to do some sort of work maybe. Inside was a classroom, and a discussion was underway about human trafficking and a widespread problem of people being kept captive as “dolls” (for passive display/presence only, I think). There were big blocks of sliced pastrami at the head of the class and I snacked on a slice, and others followed. #dark
  • I was in a small reedy waterway like a canal or a small river, with an overpass. The dream’s view-camera was tracking along the water with ominous music, implicitly following an ominous underwater creature swimming. Eventually its dark finned/spiny back came into view; it seemed to find and consume (relatively instantly) someone in the water, but then maybe swam up to someone else and just nuzzled him, as if with affection. #dark #cute

dock slide

  • I was staying/living in a house with a motley crue of hometown people and others. We were all together for a while in a spacious upper-floor room with a cathedral ceiling. The room had an early/mid 20th-century middle-class European feeling, with maybe sage-ish color walls. It was a dim day outside (there were windows to the west and east maybe), and there was an incandescent floor lamp to the north side of the room; there seemed to be big cavernous tunnels out of the room to the north or south, which we maybe went through to get somewhere else.
  • Out at the south edge of a lake in winter, with other people to the west, on a sunny afternoon, I was sliding east on my stomach on what seemed to be a dock covered in ice-glazed snow (or anyway a dock-shaped platform seemingly above water level) with the sun behind me. I was able to start sliding from a stop seemingly by mental effort alone; this reminded me of seals, and thus a baby seal showed up, romping around I think; the location seemed to have switched to the north end of the field in NH and the directions flipped.

tornado watch

In Somerville on a late afternoon, there was a tornado watch/warning, and black roiling clouds loomed; no tornado showed up though (I think). The city was much more compact than IRL: there was a north/south tree-lined road at the western edge, with the land sloping gradually down to the south, with dense houses to its east in maybe a 1/4-mile (north-south) by 1/8-mile (east-west) area, though it was surrounded by other built-up areas such as to the west of the tree-lined road. There were some hints of sun or golden glow at least at points. (IRL there was a tornado watch the afternoon after I dreamed this, spookily.)

glade crowd

  • I was out on an upper-story west-facing deck with a Macbook, looking out over maybe a street and other buildings, though the wider environment seemed maybe rural; it was sunny afternoon but scattered rain was spritzing. I went inside — the floor levels seemed raised and lowered from the deck level — leaving the laptop there, and it was sprinkling when I came back out.
  • In maybe the same scene, I was looking over up the grassy/treed slope to the west and wanting to drive around beyond to the south and west, but realized the roads were probably private — this was the same place as a previous dream (see 4/15/2012) with Ardez at the eastern edge of the woods, with playing fields to the south and a Middle Eastern lake to the west beyond the woods.
  • I was in a somewhat clear area — it was overhung by tree canopies, but there were no trees within it — of a forest, on an overcast day, with a stream on the east side of the clearing and a big boulder on the southwest side. There were lots of people there, including a high school or middle school XC team about to start preseason; I walked around the boulder.

model beetle

  • I was in a brick street/passage in Soho and encountered a big beetle (if I’m interpreting my scant notes correctly); I incorporated the beetle into a polystyrene model, then realized how gross it would be if it got squished.
  • At twilight, I was walking north up into a glassy building link behind another guy, then continued out beyond it to a tree-lined street/courtyard. I turned right and walked east, into a sort of formal park, with the land higher to the right. It seemed like Helsinki or another Nordic city but also seemed to be Boston maybe.