cloud choreography

  • To the west, maybe, there were terraces of altocumulus in the sky, and I was able to delete some of them (and reinstate them) to get a good composition for photographing (like a real-life Photoshop) and then the altocumulus started appearing and disappearing crystallinely and rapidly. Then the setting was a snowy landscape, which I was viewing from a short bridge with wood railings running northwest-southeast, with the stream under it opening up to a pond to the northeast. There was a woodsy hill with a house in a clearing to the northwest, some sun in the southeast, woods to the southeast and beyond the pond to the northeast, and it was more open to the southwest. The aforementioned clouds flowered and morphed in grand configurations over the pond and I filmed them for 17 minutes on my camera.
  • On, I think, a sunny morning, I learned of an updated tracker DAW and tried it out on an iPad or computer or something. It had a surprisingly user-friendly interface; it seemed like a fairly simple sampler/sequencer. Then a song played through it using audio tracks and I could see the overlapping audio in a single track in a summed waveform.

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