• I was seemingly at my own high school graduation, in a classroom with steep auditorium seating facing south, not a large room but with a fairly high ceiling, lit only by daylight from the east. It started out with a musical production by elementary schoolers with electronic equipment (sampler, mixer, etc) which people were confused by but which I found impressive.
  • This morphed into Wms graduation, maybe not my own, but maybe so. Out in the hallway near the above classroom, a father of one of the graduates asked me where Currier was and I pointed it out to him from the Eyes quad as the brick building to the southwest, although first he mistook my direction as to Prospect or Driscoll (Driscoll was brick) and then I realized I was pointing to Fitch anyway so I corrected myself to indicate the light-blue-clapboarded building to its left. I looked out to the south and noted a new parking garage out below, a very modern design with blue-green horizontal-channel glass panels with some convexity cladding it partly (it was still under construction). There was late afternoon soft sun. I looked inside and saw workers riding fast escalators and having to limbo under bars spanning between railing-belts (of the same black rubbery material as the railing-belts themselves) that were there to keep the public from using them; I went inside briefly and looked around, then headed back to the graduation gathering, which was at a south-facing plaza with a student-centerish building at its north edge.

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