1. As part of some class, an area of plains the shape of southern Idaho (but much smaller, just a few acres in area, but maybe the same thing, but unpopulated) was divided into pieces, boundaries of which would be set on fire, and then each of us would be lowered into a different piece and have to put out the encroaching fires, as part of wildfire-fighting training; I was worried because I had no idea how to go about putting out the fires.
  2. Related to the airlifted dropping into the fire areas, I was with some other people and received, or found, a working plane for (I guess) landing in the fire zone, but it was only a few inches long and was really just like a solid model airplane, chrome, with a propeller, but I was able to descend from flight height over a farms/trees/towns landscape slowly enough with its lift to not get hurt when I landed (it was a sunny late afternoon).
  3. After landing, I walked to a restaurant tent, in light blue evening twilight, and I was sitting at a table with some guys; I forget most of the conversation, some of it maybe across to another table, but they each seemed to have some kind of electrode attached to them that sent impulses, maybe some kind of internet connectivity?
  4. Inside a school, at the north end of an old-school large room with a dark wood floor and windows all round, with afternoon daylight, I seemed to be observing the class with some others, maybe sitting on the floor. The students (elementary schoolers) were asked a question about thresholding by the teacher and responded (I think) in unison; it was a kind of shared-American-history-knowledge question; this referred to the electrode stuff.
  5. I was at high school reunion for a second night (part of a whole weekend) but it was a different venue than IRL; it was late twilight and the room was smaller but still sizable, brightly white-lit, with serving tables covered with white tablecloths arrayed around the north, east, and west edges of the room. The floor was a gray carpet. People were making Irish-cream-like cocktails.

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