Monthly Archives: July 2012

settlement selection

Some friends were talking about how they decided to settle in the suburban MA town they were in as opposed to e.g. rural NH (too far away from cities?) or further in toward the city (they needed space for animal husbandry maybe); the setting for the conversation seemed to be under the big pines by the cemetery, on the road side of the stone wall, at a large table, but this is vague (and maybe was at the time too).

cloud choreography

  • To the west, maybe, there were terraces of altocumulus in the sky, and I was able to delete some of them (and reinstate them) to get a good composition for photographing (like a real-life Photoshop) and then the altocumulus started appearing and disappearing crystallinely and rapidly. Then the setting was a snowy landscape, which I was viewing from a short bridge with wood railings running northwest-southeast, with the stream under it opening up to a pond to the northeast. There was a woodsy hill with a house in a clearing to the northwest, some sun in the southeast, woods to the southeast and beyond the pond to the northeast, and it was more open to the southwest. The aforementioned clouds flowered and morphed in grand configurations over the pond and I filmed them for 17 minutes on my camera.
  • On, I think, a sunny morning, I learned of an updated tracker DAW and tried it out on an iPad or computer or something. It had a surprisingly user-friendly interface; it seemed like a fairly simple sampler/sequencer. Then a song played through it using audio tracks and I could see the overlapping audio in a single track in a summed waveform.


  • I was seemingly at my own high school graduation, in a classroom with steep auditorium seating facing south, not a large room but with a fairly high ceiling, lit only by daylight from the east. It started out with a musical production by elementary schoolers with electronic equipment (sampler, mixer, etc) which people were confused by but which I found impressive.
  • This morphed into Wms graduation, maybe not my own, but maybe so. Out in the hallway near the above classroom, a father of one of the graduates asked me where Currier was and I pointed it out to him from the Eyes quad as the brick building to the southwest, although first he mistook my direction as to Prospect or Driscoll (Driscoll was brick) and then I realized I was pointing to Fitch anyway so I corrected myself to indicate the light-blue-clapboarded building to its left. I looked out to the south and noted a new parking garage out below, a very modern design with blue-green horizontal-channel glass panels with some convexity cladding it partly (it was still under construction). There was late afternoon soft sun. I looked inside and saw workers riding fast escalators and having to limbo under bars spanning between railing-belts (of the same black rubbery material as the railing-belts themselves) that were there to keep the public from using them; I went inside briefly and looked around, then headed back to the graduation gathering, which was at a south-facing plaza with a student-centerish building at its north edge.


  1. As part of some class, an area of plains the shape of southern Idaho (but much smaller, just a few acres in area, but maybe the same thing, but unpopulated) was divided into pieces, boundaries of which would be set on fire, and then each of us would be lowered into a different piece and have to put out the encroaching fires, as part of wildfire-fighting training; I was worried because I had no idea how to go about putting out the fires.
  2. Related to the airlifted dropping into the fire areas, I was with some other people and received, or found, a working plane for (I guess) landing in the fire zone, but it was only a few inches long and was really just like a solid model airplane, chrome, with a propeller, but I was able to descend from flight height over a farms/trees/towns landscape slowly enough with its lift to not get hurt when I landed (it was a sunny late afternoon).
  3. After landing, I walked to a restaurant tent, in light blue evening twilight, and I was sitting at a table with some guys; I forget most of the conversation, some of it maybe across to another table, but they each seemed to have some kind of electrode attached to them that sent impulses, maybe some kind of internet connectivity?
  4. Inside a school, at the north end of an old-school large room with a dark wood floor and windows all round, with afternoon daylight, I seemed to be observing the class with some others, maybe sitting on the floor. The students (elementary schoolers) were asked a question about thresholding by the teacher and responded (I think) in unison; it was a kind of shared-American-history-knowledge question; this referred to the electrode stuff.
  5. I was at high school reunion for a second night (part of a whole weekend) but it was a different venue than IRL; it was late twilight and the room was smaller but still sizable, brightly white-lit, with serving tables covered with white tablecloths arrayed around the north, east, and west edges of the room. The floor was a gray carpet. People were making Irish-cream-like cocktails.


I was watching/listening to a video or live performance (can’t remember how immersive it was) that turned out to be Wu-Tang, a really dope track, and suddenly some toasting-like sung raps started getting interspersed within it — it was Bone Thugs-n-Harmony! The layering of the two together (with the Bone Thugs vocals remaining intermittent) sounded really great.

sunlight bits

While walking north up some steps in a dense, intimately-scaled city, I was noticing bits of diffused sunlight shining on surfaces. A bulldog led me over to the right up more steps to show me an enclave with a lot more bits of sun, which I thanked him for. It was partly covered by a pitched roof and was actually an attic living room; some of its residents showed up and were OK with me photographing the light once I explained why I was there, and I hung out with them for a while I think.

tricky garage

At the tail end of a scene otherwise forgotten, I was leaving some sort of cool place like an aquarium or museum — at least the colors seemed to be liquid blues within a concrete frame — walking south through a main corridor toward an open area. There was dim, bluish daylight. I got into a big service-type elevator between the corridor and a parking-garage-like area to its west; a legend in the elevator showed Ireland with its four counties, and as I went down in the elevator the counties were highlighted from south to north, ending with Ulster. The doors opened up, but I looked out and saw that there was a drop down to a floor below just outside the east doors, but for a foot-wide concrete beam even with the elevator door threshold; I was worried till I saw that there was a west door that had opened too and had a floor of the garage level with it.

Davis parade

I was walking in a somewhat labyrinthine area, maybe again between Davis and Mass Ave like the previous night, but this was quite dense. The streets were on two alignments 45° apart. There was something about a parade or maybe a school marching band marching within the area; the light was like early twilight but maybe just late in the afternoon with the sun low and cool skylight. I seemingly met multiple high school friends there.

Davis Abbey

I was walking around the side streets between Davis and Mass Ave (but somewhat less densely built than IRL, more open to the sky); the sky had a light overcast. While thinking about Downton Abbey, I went into the southwest entrance of a building on the interior of the area, into a corridor lit only by the open doorway and some windows in adjacent rooms. This turned into characters from Downton Abbey actually being there, and I stopped to join a conversation at some doors to rooms, but I forget what it was about; I think the butler was among those present.

ins Oberland

It was an earlyish sunny morning; I was staying in a building long north-south with a parallel building to its west with a green area in between. I walked over southward to meet my parents, who were standing at the corner of another building by a road going to the east; we went over the day trip to the Berner Oberland that they were planning for us to go on. It seemed according to the map that appeared in view that we were pretty much due east of the Oberland; it was a very abstracted map with little on it except a couple of collinear blue dashes that I figured out represented the Thunersee and Brienzersee, and arrows showing our direction of travel, and maybe our destination and some of the Oberland river valleys. It transpired that we needed to leave right then, and I hadn’t eaten breakfast, which my mom was very apologetic about, but I figured out that I had time to make breakfast and then bring it along to eat it.