spectrum accretion

  • Along with a number of the more mischievous kids from my hometown class, I was biking south on an overcast day on a knolly bike path with maybe a highway to the east and some wooded areas to the west alternating with more open areas, maybe at an urban periphery, pulling some shenanigans.
  • I was at home in NH or a similar place with one of my high school teachers and his wife; it was evening twilight, maybe foggy or misty outside or maybe wintry/snowy. I looked out and discovered that the vivid blue of the twilight and the orange glow of the lights shining out the windows of the house were positioned just right to make a striking rainbow cast over the backyard, sweeping red-orange through yellow and green to blue. Then the curtains shifted around and lights switched off and back on so the phenomenon was disturbed, but other neat effects occurred.

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