• I was just north of our house in NH on our road on a sunny morning, standing on a weird vehicle — a large rectangular walled platform (maybe like 6’x8′) with a wide tree of wheels (like a desk chair scaled up) underneath — I was able to make it roll around but somewhat unpredictably; the wheelbase rotated quite a bit around its stalk, and I tried to keep from hitting people walking by, maybe a horse going by, and eventually a car, narrowly avoiding all of them.
  • Multiple theater stages were arrayed around an auditorium, mostly dark, daylit from the southwest (back-left); Bill Hader maybe, or someone (he was in some scene of the dream anyway) was seemingly trying to recall a common saying he needed to recite but had forgotten half of (an “x and y” construction) and I knew what the other half was (he also had the one remembered half on the wrong side of the “and”) but didn’t think it was my place to say it out loud.

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