Monthly Archives: June 2012

spectrum accretion

  • Along with a number of the more mischievous kids from my hometown class, I was biking south on an overcast day on a knolly bike path with maybe a highway to the east and some wooded areas to the west alternating with more open areas, maybe at an urban periphery, pulling some shenanigans.
  • I was at home in NH or a similar place with one of my high school teachers and his wife; it was evening twilight, maybe foggy or misty outside or maybe wintry/snowy. I looked out and discovered that the vivid blue of the twilight and the orange glow of the lights shining out the windows of the house were positioned just right to make a striking rainbow cast over the backyard, sweeping red-orange through yellow and green to blue. Then the curtains shifted around and lights switched off and back on so the phenomenon was disturbed, but other neat effects occurred.


I was in my bedroom in NH on a crisp summer afternoon. A thunderstorm was approaching. I tried to turn my bedside light off but it had multiple cords for multiple bulbs and none of them seemed to do anything.

evening levitations

  • It was nighttime; I was out on asphalt roads in a cluster of houses and so on lit by sodium lights or similar. I was able to propel myself barefoot along the road just by placing my feet together standing straight up and moving forward smoothly, leaning into turns. I was also able to proceed smoothly down concrete steps, semi-hovering.
  • I was flying over a wide desolate area around sunset/early twilight — maybe in the winter, with a west/southwest sun azimuth — and there was a factory to the northwest/west emitting magenta smoke; I think it was a dye/pigment factory or something along those lines. The whole landscape and sky was subtle warm colors: rose, peach, tan.

rural drives

  • In Vermont (maybe the Montpelier area — somewhere around 89 near Stowe), I was driving south uphill on a big highway. There was an interstate overpass ahead. Cars were oncoming in all lanes, so I got off the road and tried to wait for a chance to reverse, in case it was due to construction.
  • I drove up a high mountain to a big cabin with a rustic-wood, cozily-furnished stage-like area where we gathered around and above in the dark for some kind of presentation about hiking or etc. up in the mountains.


  • I was just north of our house in NH on our road on a sunny morning, standing on a weird vehicle — a large rectangular walled platform (maybe like 6’x8′) with a wide tree of wheels (like a desk chair scaled up) underneath — I was able to make it roll around but somewhat unpredictably; the wheelbase rotated quite a bit around its stalk, and I tried to keep from hitting people walking by, maybe a horse going by, and eventually a car, narrowly avoiding all of them.
  • Multiple theater stages were arrayed around an auditorium, mostly dark, daylit from the southwest (back-left); Bill Hader maybe, or someone (he was in some scene of the dream anyway) was seemingly trying to recall a common saying he needed to recite but had forgotten half of (an “x and y” construction) and I knew what the other half was (he also had the one remembered half on the wrong side of the “and”) but didn’t think it was my place to say it out loud.