steppy run

While out on a run on a warm sunny afternoon, I was running up some ladder-stairs with pressure-treated wood treads and metal rails situated in a ~6′ gap between new glassy buildings in Medford. I needed to get back to a woods nexus of roads (maybe five coming together, probably inspired by the RL south Winchester Main/Grove corner) that seemed familiar from other dreams, not necessarily always in Medford but maybe sometimes in Hancock, and in this case I had to go up a cliff (not visible) and found the ladder leading up it, which I had run up a previous version of five years earlier when I lived there before. At the top I ended up on the roof of a house that was opened up to a neat attic/porch inside that I had to enter and exit the front door of in order to proceed on the run (at this point the sun was still high but it seemed like later afternoon) but I remembered that it was OK because the owners of the house allowed members of the public to pass through (like hiking through farmers’ fields in Switzerland) so I hopped down into the house and continued on toward the intersection I’d been looking for.

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