owl room

It seemed that I was at a Wms reunion, over a couple of days and a variety of dream scenes:

  • A couple of friends and I visited a room containing a resident owl, a small one like a saw-whet owl. We needed to be careful not to let him attack our faces; we were advised to face the walls so that he couldn’t have much momentum flying toward our faces, but while we were still at the entrance (at the south side of the room, which was a tall cathedral-ceiling space seemingly the entire size of the house) he flew down to us and landed on my shoulder, and sort of pecked softly at me, the others saying that it showed that he liked me; it was a little bit painful, but quite cute.
  • Other people were looking through yearbook-like reunion books with some loose papers interleaved and I wondered why I hadn’t gotten one, and it turned out I’d forgotten to sign in when I arrived, which had been happening at “lower Mills,” i.e. the lower Dodd complex.

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