table team

  • I was at a corner in downtown Boston, by high limestone buildings; the printers (printing machines, that is) for my office were on the north side of one of the buildings, next to the west side of another building with a signmaker’s office and laminating etc. machines on the exterior likewise. A laminated sheet was printed and dropped on the ground; I picked it up and put it back on the tray. Later I was walking around on the inside of the signmaker’s office as he talked to a client.
  • A couple of high school friends and maybe some of my coworkers were working at computers around a desk. We established that our team (the people at the table) had the highest proportion of Macs of all the office teams. I was using my iMac, sitting at the south end of the table, which was aligned north-south, seemingly outside on a somewhat overcast day (no direct sun) with the ground sloping gradually down to the southeast; on the table was a magazine/book one of the high school friends had written containing a series of essays, including some about child-rearing, but the one I latched onto was a long essay about techno, which I hadn’t known he listened to. I wanted to ask both of them if they remembered having taken Honors Bio with another friend of ours. At that point the table was somewhere else outside, in the sun, aligned east-west, and I was sitting near the middle of the north side.
  • Later in the same scene, I was walking south on the west side of College Ave in the Tufts area, but it was looking more like the backyard at home in NH, (and that is where my draft notes end with a hanging comma.)

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