• There was a woman talking on train about how Bostonians should stop complaining since the conditions of the cities in Greater Boston were a lot better than other cities; I countered that there were still pockets of poverty, but agreed that other cities had it worse off, e.g. St. Louis’s north side and East St. Louis — this turned into writing on lined paper about North STL and East STL’s “missing teeth” (at which point I was visualizing a sunny late afternoon in North STL) and then into actually being in East STL in a fairly open space but by some brutalist buildings on an overcast day.
  • My friend Andrew from high school had an epic art-dictionary project, including a large set of semi-flat carved stone faces that morphed as if from one generation to another many times over; it also had morphing red/black (in varying proportions) beards, and lots of other fanciful components to the dictionary as well.

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