substation concert

  • I was on an open rise looking over forested land to the north and east in the late afternoon or early twilight. There was a big electricity substation there with main power lines coming through; it was a whole complex with a concrete plaza in the middle. I was there with some friends; we climbed up to the plaza from the north; the Rolling Stones were playing at the northeast end of the plaza in a slightly lower area with the view beyond (standard celebrity search disclaimer: this was a dream). They sounded really good. Keith had a really gruff low voice, and after they played, they (or someone else? I’m finishing this post from the draft a year later) proceeded to set off rockets/fireworks for us, from the west end of the plaza. They had us climb up to watch on a vertical grid of cables that extended north-south and had some grounds because of the electricity.
  • Upstairs in NH, my dove was in her cage in the hall; I took her out and let her walk around on the floor.

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