hill woods lake cycle

My aunt had a fall → I went inside (her house?) with my parents → one of my bosses was there, apparently, talking in Arabic → my aunt’s gurney was lifted up on the side of the building like a wheelchair lift → I went with a friend up toward the south on a hill with woods to the west and an open field to the east, with rustic wood porched houses on the west side of the road before woods; my aunt was fine back at her house there; it was a sunny late afternoon → we continued down the other side of the hill to a sports fields area with practices going on → I was by myself in a boat on the water in the Middle East; there was a cascade of domed yellow buildings off to the southwest and a bulldozer (on the water?) in the foreground; I tried to photograph them in the same shot (I was heading west in the boat, and I think there was hazy golden low afternoon sun) → I curved up to the north in the boat → onshore I found a logging road through the unleafed deciduous woods going up hill on the eastern bank → I went up it, through “Lebanon” (I forget what the buildings there looked like but they were just clustered in the woods) → I emerged at Ardez, a compact masonry village, monolithic in construction, long north-south, back at the top of the original hill with the road going by on its western edge, back to where I had come from.

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