• There was a long (north-south), fairly high-ceilinged library/office/bank with exterior windows to the east and the west wall having windows onto a corridor, which had windows to the outside; I was involved with two design projects for it; tempered glass had been newly value-engineered out.
  • I was with more or less the whole Wu-Tang Clan (standard disclaimer: this was just a dream) standing around in a big circle in some (of course) shadowy place. They were going to run through the 36 Chambers songs and were letting me (I think) do RZA’s verses (I forget whether RZA was there); I choked on the first one, forgetting how it started though knowing I’d remember the whole thing if I could only remember the beginning, but they were really nice about it. I think some of them prompted me on the start of a few lines and then I got it OK. Thanks for being chill bros about that, Wu-Tang.
  • I was in a quad area at Tufts (but different from RL), in the late morning, with trees around a compact square area of right-angle paths and raised flowerbeds; the sun was high, and there were high gray, flat, puddle-shaped, resinous-looking clouds around the sun that I eventually realized looked like melted sugar. There was an oak tree nearby with last year’s leaves, maroon and velvet-textured, one of which I was holding and investigating as a Tufts alumnus told me about thinking he remembered me from his college days, and although I seemed to be someone else at this point who maybe had gone to Tufts, I didn’t know him. I was writing down the local wind (and maybe other weather) conditions at various points in the vicinity, notated by capital letters, and positive or negative based on the relation of the wind direction with the sun’s azimuth; the breeze was westerly and the sun in SE so I was writing negative values, e.g. “-P”.

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