road cows

  • I was driving through Kansas with some other people; we stopped at a rise or platform in a town, which had an outlook (not much of a view, but something), to the west (there was a building wall to the east). The Queen was there, and then another British woman entered the platform through the gate and was taken by surprise by Queen’s presence, and she curtsied. (I later researched on the Queen and discovered that she’d collaborated on a bunch of research in biology/chemistry, linguistics, and a variety of other subjects.) After that we were driving fast around in really long curves in flat farmland with trees by the road. There were cows lying down packed next to each other, some actually in the road, and we were driving over them but without squishing them, as if the car was ultralight.
  • I was at a shallow canal-like place with a knee-wall edge and a flat roof held up by piers; a bunch of friends and acquaintances were there. One of them stepped into the water and asked jokingly if it was ok to drink (it was brown-green). It was a sunny hazy day; there was something to do with a project going on there, maybe with smooth stones having something to do with it; later I talked about it back at home in NH with one of the people I’d seen there.

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