• I was at a pool party; Kanye was also there in low-key fashion (standard disclaimer for googlers: this is a DREAM I’m talking about here), and otherwise it was mostly people I know IRL. Each person was contributing a track to a mix and writing the track name down on a list on paper on a clipboard; I put Actress “Splazsh,” making sure I had it on my iPod. There was confusion about the Splazsh album cover (whether it was nested hexagons or a building outline or both; the building outline seemed to be the cover of an Actress single). Some of the party action seemed to be in and around a great Peter-Pan-like treehouse; another nexus was in a tiled windowless locker/shower room that nonetheless everyone was just hanging out in as a party area.
  • Up on a rocky/grassy islet, I climbed to its peak and then floated up by will; I thought that was cool since I could usually only do it in a dream. The islet seemed to be the whole of Britain but was way too small, but a similar shape (not super-close, but similar). There was late afternoon sun; a mainland seemed to lie to the west.

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