• Earth’s shadow was becoming visible to the west-southwest in crepuscular dust during course of a southwest sunset, viewed from Harriet’s porch — the shadow formed a widening vesica as the sun’s azimuth shifted (which doesn’t make geometric sense IRL, but it was a sort of Belt of Venus idea); then overhead the stars were visible, super-dense, but with pink wispy clouds drifting across; I snapped a bunch of photos that came out really sharp despite the low light.
  • There was a small narrow metal cylinder (~3/4″) within a black metal frame, attached via arms at each end of the cylinder, so the cylinder could rotate on axis. This at one point was somewhere I don’t remember but then later in a different place, against a wall to the west as part of maybe a bike rack in an old city, with a shady street extending east and also sunnier passages to the north and to the southwest, with midafternoon sun; I stepped off a coach bus that had come in from the street to the east and wedged myself in between the bike rack and the building (there seemed to be only like 6″ of space) to get a macro photo of the cylinder and a couple of small blown-out welding-like holes (~1mm) on it.

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