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substation concert

  • I was on an open rise looking over forested land to the north and east in the late afternoon or early twilight. There was a big electricity substation there with main power lines coming through; it was a whole complex with a concrete plaza in the middle. I was there with some friends; we climbed up to the plaza from the north; the Rolling Stones were playing at the northeast end of the plaza in a slightly lower area with the view beyond (standard celebrity search disclaimer: this was a dream). They sounded really good. Keith had a really gruff low voice, and after they played, they (or someone else? I’m finishing this post from the draft a year later) proceeded to set off rockets/fireworks for us, from the west end of the plaza. They had us climb up to watch on a vertical grid of cables that extended north-south and had some grounds because of the electricity.
  • Upstairs in NH, my dove was in her cage in the hall; I took her out and let her walk around on the floor.

hill woods lake cycle

My aunt had a fall → I went inside (her house?) with my parents → one of my bosses was there, apparently, talking in Arabic → my aunt’s gurney was lifted up on the side of the building like a wheelchair lift → I went with a friend up toward the south on a hill with woods to the west and an open field to the east, with rustic wood porched houses on the west side of the road before woods; my aunt was fine back at her house there; it was a sunny late afternoon → we continued down the other side of the hill to a sports fields area with practices going on → I was by myself in a boat on the water in the Middle East; there was a cascade of domed yellow buildings off to the southwest and a bulldozer (on the water?) in the foreground; I tried to photograph them in the same shot (I was heading west in the boat, and I think there was hazy golden low afternoon sun) → I curved up to the north in the boat → onshore I found a logging road through the unleafed deciduous woods going up hill on the eastern bank → I went up it, through “Lebanon” (I forget what the buildings there looked like but they were just clustered in the woods) → I emerged at Ardez, a compact masonry village, monolithic in construction, long north-south, back at the top of the original hill with the road going by on its western edge, back to where I had come from.


  • There was a long (north-south), fairly high-ceilinged library/office/bank with exterior windows to the east and the west wall having windows onto a corridor, which had windows to the outside; I was involved with two design projects for it; tempered glass had been newly value-engineered out.
  • I was with more or less the whole Wu-Tang Clan (standard disclaimer: this was just a dream) standing around in a big circle in some (of course) shadowy place. They were going to run through the 36 Chambers songs and were letting me (I think) do RZA’s verses (I forget whether RZA was there); I choked on the first one, forgetting how it started though knowing I’d remember the whole thing if I could only remember the beginning, but they were really nice about it. I think some of them prompted me on the start of a few lines and then I got it OK. Thanks for being chill bros about that, Wu-Tang.
  • I was in a quad area at Tufts (but different from RL), in the late morning, with trees around a compact square area of right-angle paths and raised flowerbeds; the sun was high, and there were high gray, flat, puddle-shaped, resinous-looking clouds around the sun that I eventually realized looked like melted sugar. There was an oak tree nearby with last year’s leaves, maroon and velvet-textured, one of which I was holding and investigating as a Tufts alumnus told me about thinking he remembered me from his college days, and although I seemed to be someone else at this point who maybe had gone to Tufts, I didn’t know him. I was writing down the local wind (and maybe other weather) conditions at various points in the vicinity, notated by capital letters, and positive or negative based on the relation of the wind direction with the sun’s azimuth; the breeze was westerly and the sun in SE so I was writing negative values, e.g. “-P”.

fridge chamber

I ended a southward run up a slope by going into a subterranean, somewhat dimly lit, square-in-plan (so the memory seems) chamber that was lined with store fridge shelves all around. There were other people around; one girl was offering me bottles of alcohol from the shelves as it was a standard thing at that happening, seemingly, but I declined since I was already dehydrated from running. There was another similar chamber, maybe a library, with the walls lined with bookshelves, but I’m not really sure about that anymore.

road cows

  • I was driving through Kansas with some other people; we stopped at a rise or platform in a town, which had an outlook (not much of a view, but something), to the west (there was a building wall to the east). The Queen was there, and then another British woman entered the platform through the gate and was taken by surprise by Queen’s presence, and she curtsied. (I later researched on the Queen and discovered that she’d collaborated on a bunch of research in biology/chemistry, linguistics, and a variety of other subjects.) After that we were driving fast around in really long curves in flat farmland with trees by the road. There were cows lying down packed next to each other, some actually in the road, and we were driving over them but without squishing them, as if the car was ultralight.
  • I was at a shallow canal-like place with a knee-wall edge and a flat roof held up by piers; a bunch of friends and acquaintances were there. One of them stepped into the water and asked jokingly if it was ok to drink (it was brown-green). It was a sunny hazy day; there was something to do with a project going on there, maybe with smooth stones having something to do with it; later I talked about it back at home in NH with one of the people I’d seen there.


During late afternoon into twilight, in coastal Maine, there was a meander-shaped housing development that looked like sets of drawers and actually seemed to be (I was able to open them up and look at them as if they were the scale of little drawer boxes, like 6″ wide); then there was, or this became, a map of Maine with a tipped-counterclockwise large-scale highway grid in the southern coastal area. Steve was going out on a short kayak paddle. Someone else wanted to make sure he came back before it got too dusky; he said he’d be back by 5:30 and was.


  • I was at a pool party; Kanye was also there in low-key fashion (standard disclaimer for googlers: this is a DREAM I’m talking about here), and otherwise it was mostly people I know IRL. Each person was contributing a track to a mix and writing the track name down on a list on paper on a clipboard; I put Actress “Splazsh,” making sure I had it on my iPod. There was confusion about the Splazsh album cover (whether it was nested hexagons or a building outline or both; the building outline seemed to be the cover of an Actress single). Some of the party action seemed to be in and around a great Peter-Pan-like treehouse; another nexus was in a tiled windowless locker/shower room that nonetheless everyone was just hanging out in as a party area.
  • Up on a rocky/grassy islet, I climbed to its peak and then floated up by will; I thought that was cool since I could usually only do it in a dream. The islet seemed to be the whole of Britain but was way too small, but a similar shape (not super-close, but similar). There was late afternoon sun; a mainland seemed to lie to the west.


  • Earth’s shadow was becoming visible to the west-southwest in crepuscular dust during course of a southwest sunset, viewed from Harriet’s porch — the shadow formed a widening vesica as the sun’s azimuth shifted (which doesn’t make geometric sense IRL, but it was a sort of Belt of Venus idea); then overhead the stars were visible, super-dense, but with pink wispy clouds drifting across; I snapped a bunch of photos that came out really sharp despite the low light.
  • There was a small narrow metal cylinder (~3/4″) within a black metal frame, attached via arms at each end of the cylinder, so the cylinder could rotate on axis. This at one point was somewhere I don’t remember but then later in a different place, against a wall to the west as part of maybe a bike rack in an old city, with a shady street extending east and also sunnier passages to the north and to the southwest, with midafternoon sun; I stepped off a coach bus that had come in from the street to the east and wedged myself in between the bike rack and the building (there seemed to be only like 6″ of space) to get a macro photo of the cylinder and a couple of small blown-out welding-like holes (~1mm) on it.