run by hill

I was running north on a flat asphalt road curving gently to the right. The setting had a late-afternoon-like sun color though the sun seemed to be in the southeast. I was leaving a built-up area. I went across a flat bridge over a small river; another road came in from the right and a bus turned left from it onto the road I was on, and a group of runners passed by in the other direction. There was also a cloverleafing extension connecting the roads ahead to the left (in the northwest quadrant). There was an open field to the left with mostly woods beyond but also another grass hill sloping up, with woods going up the hill on each side, the old recurring middle-flat hill, with a flat part at the top so the sky was against the grassy ground. There was a street sign labeled CATHEDRAL HILL (maybe for the cloverleafing loop), and indeed there was a big cathedral visible beyond the flat at the summit of the hill, its base occluded by the flat; I thus inferred it to be Tibidabo. I continued on the road to the north.

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