Monthly Archives: March 2012

bike probs

I was in a long varied palace-like hallway — it had some windowless, luxurious, red/gold parts, then a sort of Salk-Institute-like infinity dropoff at the end before a view window at the end of the corridor.

At another point I was having bike wipeout/balance problems around Harvard; this included bumping into a guy’s matte red small car, while getting back to a plain gray building I lived in or was staying at, trying to figure out how to secure my bike by hanging it up from a rope or bungee cord.

screen house complex

There was a cluster of small camp-like houses in the woods down a short slope on the north side of an east-west road. They had lots of screened-in areas and were mostly 1-floor, and most were connected to each other by decks. My parents and I checked one out; it had a small bedroom (a building by itself) with all sides screened at the right front and the main volume ahead and further to the right. We were greeted by the oldish woman who lived there.

At another point, I was crossing to the south side of an east-west fastish road in a woodsy town area with lawns; lots of students were walking east; I passed by a bunch of them. That’s, uh, that’s all.

field flight

On a damp, misty, very dim overcast day, I was going north on 137 toward Longview; I turned right up a driveway/road through some woods out into a big open field area and seemed to be flying low; I continued up the road up a gradual rise, then realized I was getting to the height of land forming the eastern edge of the Moose Brook watershed. I continued up over it and swooped over to where the east-west railroad passed through, parallel to a highway (137 again but not obviously the same as the earlier part) and up a high embankment on the south side of the road; I was flying higher above by then. Here there were more fields along the road, but narrower. I crossed over and descended near a dirt path parallel to the north side of the road (the recurrent Bennington/Hancock marchlands) with the brook next to it maybe.

Later on I arrived at our house in the VW with my dad and helped move something around a small-house-sized plywood box or something sitting at the front of the barn (it was differently oriented from the RL boatshop, with the front door pointing south-southeast), and I told him about the flight, which was imaginary (“mental”) from that point of view, though the conditions were still overcast and even duskier then, with the front lights of the barn illuminating things.

dog benches

I was going north on a verdant hillside street in maybe Buenos Aires, the street sloping up, with masonry walls lining at least the left side of the street. It was an overcast day. The street didn’t seem to have many buildings along it, and there were maybe hints of long view to the east, but I went by an amorphous iridescent glass building with rooms as big lobes suspended in the air, connected by glass passageways, including a meeting room, somewhat lower than the smaller lobe it was directly connected to, with a long center table and chairs around; I think I had visited this in an earlier recent dream with a class.

Then there were a whole bunch of events in what seemed to be STL (based on the WU people I was seeing) or later Somerville, on a mild shoulder-season late morning/midday (apparently Halloween) with sun low in the south:

  • The dad of one of my WU friends, who appeared as George Bluth, was in magenta dress for Halloween, and other members of the family were walking around with him and dressed with bits of the same magenta; I was trying to talk to my friend about his dad going all out for Halloween, and also to wish him happy birthday.
  • I remembered about my plague doctor costume and thinking I should go put it on.
  • There was a dog stuck in bench; three other nearby dogs were vexed about it, including a basset hound; Dad, sitting on another bench, was soothing the basset hound, but the basset was falling off the bench through the gap in back.
  • Another WU friend and his four brothers were talking about their dad’s embarrassing nicknames for each of them, while walking northeast over the large flat open space where the dogs and benches also were.
  • I wanted to get a smoothie and took a minute to figure out which 7-11 was closer, and decided on the one on Broadway.

run by hill

I was running north on a flat asphalt road curving gently to the right. The setting had a late-afternoon-like sun color though the sun seemed to be in the southeast. I was leaving a built-up area. I went across a flat bridge over a small river; another road came in from the right and a bus turned left from it onto the road I was on, and a group of runners passed by in the other direction. There was also a cloverleafing extension connecting the roads ahead to the left (in the northwest quadrant). There was an open field to the left with mostly woods beyond but also another grass hill sloping up, with woods going up the hill on each side, the old recurring middle-flat hill, with a flat part at the top so the sky was against the grassy ground. There was a street sign labeled CATHEDRAL HILL (maybe for the cloverleafing loop), and indeed there was a big cathedral visible beyond the flat at the summit of the hill, its base occluded by the flat; I thus inferred it to be Tibidabo. I continued on the road to the north.