Kazakhstan trains

  • The Bad Machinery kids were part of an apparently Downton Abbey scene, which seemed to take place on paths/roads through the woods; there was something dramatic happening like people searching for someone (but I couldn’t really remember specifics). This segued to at home in NH but the recollection is very vague.
  • Looking at Googmaps, I zoomed into the border between boreal forest and steppe in Kazakhstan (IRL this border is in Russia). It looked really pretty with fall maple trees on hilly open fields (a sunny late afternoon) right at the border. I wanted to go there in person, so I got to a rail station in Russia, where it was also a sunny afternoon, by walking down Mass Ave past Harvard; I only had a small amount of cash and realized my debit card probly wouldn’t work in Russia, but I looked at a Kazakhstan map to try to figure out how to get to the place I’d looked at on the Googmap. I couldn’t figure out close rail connections. A train left for Almaty with a crowd of people rushing onto it. The depot had roofed platforms on the south side but rails weren’t visible into the distance; there seemed to be woods just beyond the station. The Almaty train seemed to move sideways, westward. I heard/saw someone talking on a phone in Kazakh in a sunny spot to the east of the platform; some other people nearby commented in English on what a beautiful flowing language it was.

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