run trilogy

I went on some eastward runs somewhere in New England, maybe three times on the same route or at least the latter two times: first with my uncle, then with WU friends (I think), and finally by myself. The first time was on a sunny afternoon, ending at a big barn on the south side of a rural asphalt road with a large field beyond and a big lawn between the road and the barn; we were maybe meeting my parents there. Somewhere around then I was also in a car and had to stop really quickly at an intersection, going east, crossing a north-south highway, with the barn visible just across it, on a sunny midday. The barn was some kind of restaurant or food shop but still looked mostly like a barn on the first floor, with a stand in the middle against the north wall of a partitioned central area similar to a restaurant receptionist’s podium, but this had a couple of people who served drinks. The first time, wanting something refreshing, I asked for mostly sparkling water (maybe with Garfield in the name somehow, as in the cat) and a small amount of orange juice mixed into it, which through some confusion was interpreted as sparkling water topped off with sparkling water. The second time we went down a really crazy steep woods section where we had to hold onto the posts of radio towers or something to descend at all safely; we seemed to arrive at the barn again; other friends were about (a bunch of them, but I forget who was there after which run). The third time, running on my own, was down the same precipicey route, but the building at the end seemed to have changed to a more high-tech one, with a wide flat metal canopy all round, partly fixed but partly containing large flaps the depth of the canopy and in the same plane, but semi-hinged at the building, maybe having to do with photovoltaics; I sort of fell down into them, as the steep slope ended at the building, and strained the flap I landed on downward, which helped get me safely down to the flat paved area of ground on the east side of the building (here it was a semi-sunny morning, and the location seemed like a cablecar station in Switzerland), though I was worried about damaging the flap. I met up inside the building with I guess WU friends (including the same ones I’d gone on the second run with) and got on a bus with them, maybe returning to school thence; other things happened there that I couldn’t recall properly.

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