bizarro Charles

  • I was with my roommate in/around a building complex in a rural area with a northwest-southeast small highway at its northeast edge, with forest beyond, but the complex was in an open zone of coarse gray river sediment. The weather was rainy/icy and gray. In driving along the adjacent road, we came upon pileup accidents and had to drive around/over all sorts of obstacles (including driving tilted up against the side of a stationary car in one of the pileups, which seemed undamaged as we approached and was somehow not impacted by driving over its right side); my roommate needed to get back home soon but was maybe able to do some work there at the complex.
  • At some point during that, I visualized a map of southern New England showing the Charles River, which spanned Massachusetts east-west, flowing south along the Mass.-NY border (with the border being correlated to the river’s position, like the Mass.-NH border with the Merrimack IRL) then turning east and then northeast and flowing back to MA’s northern border, then turning southeast and heading toward Boston, and maybe meandering still more near there.
  • I also visualized a 3D map (maybe the same) that really clearly showed the watersheds of southwestern NH separated east-west by rises (the Contoocook, the Merrimack, etc.)
  • At home in NH, I had occasion to go up into the upper attic; I went up through the hatch in the master bedroom ceiling with some difficulty (without a ladder, just clambering up). I rediscovered that my parents had renovated the attic with additional windows and a lot more space (vertical and horizontal) than IRL (this is a recurring dream), with lots of nice areas with nice materials (a combo of wood and white wallboard, oriental rugs, etc) including a living room furniture setup with one couch against the side of the stairs (their south side, with the stairs going up to the east to a sort of loft area to the south) raised up about 4′ for some reason while the other seats were on the floor like normal; it looked out to the view to the northeast.

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