laundry mishap

  • I was in a big laundry in a sort of storagey room (via a project I was working on IRL), with steaming/drying closets along the south wall and washing machines to the right along the same wall, with only artificial light for illumination. I had all sorts of clothes and shoes washing (I thought) in the closets but after opening them up afterwards realized there was no actual washing involved, so nothing had gotten clean, even the few things I sprinkled laundry soap on (it was still on them).
  • I was holding a long floppy piece of metal flashing or similar at one end, maybe in the laundry room still but inside anyway (again with artificial light only); I tapped my finger against it at about 180bpm as it had a pleasant, harmonic sound that reminded me of the guitar in NEU! [I remembered this snippet thanks to a thing on Michael Rother on the Resident Advisor feed IRL this morning]. Some friends/peers were around; I wanted to ask them if they heard the NEU! connection.
  • I was in a long, widish but low-ceilinged north-south room with lots of people about; my desk had what someone was discussing to be a flat-railed German chair that would stand upright upside down, so I took it and tried standing it on its top rail, which worked, and then sat it upside down on its seat on a shelf at the south end of the room, for storage, but then I looked back around and lots of guys were approaching carrying black-wood wardrobes and such to put into storage, so I took the chair back to get it out of the way.
  • There was a weird pastel-laser-light show in the sky; it seemed to be some sort of summer celebration — I was out in a field with a lot of maybe NH people (this recollection was vague). There were a couple of electronic guides to the night sky about and I was confused as to their differences. Initially I held each one up against the sky to overlay it, but then looked at them at a normal reading position while sitting on the ground (facing west), and noticed that the second one superimposed the Earth’s geographical boundaries on the celestial sphere based on current alignment, and I zoomed into NH and saw that they got the names of all the counties hilariously wrong (one was labeled COOT but I don’t think it was even Coos, it was maybe Carroll, wish I could remember the others too).

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