up north trip

It seemed I was at Harvard yet somehow in NYC. At first I was in a sort of semi-exterior, lushly planted courtyard, with warm morning sun dappling through, the courtyard at least partly roofed but maybe unwalled to the east and west, with interior spaces to the north and south. A number of peers were there, including a WU friend whom I asked about the location of the campus within Manhattan. He said the closest street was 146th; I had surmised that it was fairly far north but hadn’t expected it to be that far. Later I was out on a flat urban area next to the seashore, some sort of pier/port area, the shoreline lying to the northeast and further out to the east; it was still morning. A couple of people were talking about their glasses fogging up while doing some sort of scientific reading test, due to their breath reflecting off the book onto their glasses. Then I was in a vehicle parallel-parked on the northeast edge of that same area (I think); it seemed to be nighttime or morning twilight. A guy (who seemed to look like Eugene Levy) driving a van arrived and parallel-parked a couple cars ahead but bumped the cars around him, causing the one between him and me to roll back and bump my car — no damage seemed to be happening, as the cars could roll elastically a certain distance seemingly, but I was annoyed about the collisions. Then I was in the back of the van (somehow not an incredibly creepy development; at least the van had windows) and we were heading upstate, due north, as the morning light got brighter — it was maybe misty out. Then I was at the destination, a research area of a lush woodland, with researchers and maybe some other visitors; we were looking at large black birds, maybe actually blackbirds but crow-sized — I was standing with some of the others in front of (I think) a tire swing or otherwise suspended tire, to our south, with one of the birds chilling out on top of it, and the bird was so tame that the researcher could lift up its technicolor wing to examine it.

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