• On a sunny mid-afternoon, I biked down to Temple St from just a block or so east or south, turned right onto it, and turned right again at the end onto 38 while lots of pedestrians were crossing, so I almost hit some of them (I wasn’t going fast but couldn’t brake in time). The far side of 38 was wooded, maybe with an open (highway/industrial) area visible past the trees.
  • I found my way into a set of small wooden-walled tunnels/shafts that were being explored from another direction by a tour looking for waxy multicolored stalactites; they were all wearing hardhats and I thought I’d be scolded for not having one on, but wasn’t; we all ended up at a little gift stand with an east window near where we were standing; again it was a sunny mid-afternoon (I’m not sure of order of these scenes or of a possible connection between the bike scene and this one).
  • I attended a Jewish ceremony partaken in by a number of my Wms friends, who were completely covered in segmented pinstriped deep purple fabric (like a RL shirt of mine), the fabric even covering their heads and faces except their eyes, but covering even the whites of their eyes as well, with fabric segments corresponding to the parts of the face; I asked one of my friends what it was and he was amused that I didn’t already know before deciding to attend, but seemed to explain it anyway, though I can’t remember what he said about it.

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