green roof

  • I was looking up at the sky thru polarized glasses, sitting in the passenger seat of a car, with my roommate in the driver’s seat. I was looking through the sunroof. The sky was really dark with the glasses on, making a great contrast with fair-weather white clouds and a plane making a contrail. I had my roommate try the glasses and rotate her head to get the varying-polarization effect.
  • While maybe touring a building with maybe a WU class (there were definitely some WU people in the group anyway) on a sunny mid-afternoon, we went out on a roof, where there was a green roof guy (played by Jim Piddock, it appeared) who was telling us about a number of the green roof module boxes on that roof, some about 1’x3′, small enough to pick up and move around without too much trouble, others larger. There seemed to be quite a variety of plants in the different boxes. I noticed to the southeast a taller tower with a couple of trees growing on top, next to a smaller building volume like the top of a stairwell to the roof, which made me smile; the view of it seemed to be through a window, so that we had maybe just gone inside from the roof, at the same building level.

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