equinox confusion

  • Somewhere I heard people talking about the solstice, and maybe in an ad I saw somewhere was the message “HAPPY YULE!” and I was confused because it wasn’t the winter solstice. Later, on a schoolbus, going southbound on a highway, on a clement day I think, I sat on the left side looking at boxy buildings going by, maybe with construction scaffolding. Some WU friends were sitting a seat behind me; I asked them if they knew what was going on, and they reminded me it was the spring equinox, and so I was like, oh by solstice they mean EQUINOX, and by YULE they mean (and here I was thinking “Harvest” but that was the wrong equinox; I was looking for “Eostre”), and we all agreed that it was confusing. Note that IRL this was one month after the solstice and two before the equinox.
  • I was trying to find the right place in a big fancy-clothing-store-like room full of clothes (but it was maybe actually more like a museum archive) to hang a suit back up that I was holding from its hanger; some guy came up, who worked there maybe, and helped me figure out where to put it; a number of other people were distributed around the room.

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