the arts

  • There was a guide to epic poetry that included a short epic-format poem itself. A couple of kids (from Bad Machinery maybe) were working on poems in the same format. One of them was editing out one of the lines in the first stanza of her poem; the other had to incorporate “Hitler” into one of the later stanzas of his, so he wrote “Hitler” in the bottom right corner of his notebook paper.
  • One of my WU friends was talking about a movie he was in, which morphed into me seeing the events for myself: it was deep twilight I think, and he was running west along a road in the woods, which turned a corner to the south, and he had to jump into the white pebble gravel off the west end of the stretch, which bloodied him up.
  • Construction on two buildings, maybe academic, had started, which I’d just visited the day before (maybe in a preceding dream scene). It seemed to be winter, around sunset. One building was to my north and the other to the east. The north one had a roof that was pitched, maybe in multiple peaks, but the perimeter of it was flat. I’d wanted to get up on the roof and now had the opportunity to help out with the construction, so I was able to go up there; I helped another WU friend to carry some large-surface-area pieces of something along it. Yet another WU friend was there too, as well as a NH friend sitting on the ground with a parka on.
  • A group of us were consulting with architects one-by-one. We went south through a door into a wide room with south and west windows, to meet Bob Stern (that was my assumption about who he was, anyway; he looked familiar, and I verified his identity via bow tie), but he seemed to be talking about fruitful directions to go in electronic music. He brought up Krautrock, not in name but by talking about avant-garde rock music in Germany in the 70s, and started to list important bands, which others immediately started to contribute to (Kraftwerk, Harmonia, Cluster, Can, …) I brought up NEU! but Stern thought they were more of a power-rock group, and I tried to assert that they were on the contrary one of the most rhythm-oriented bands from the scene, but people were talking over each other and I didn’t really get heard. I think Stern was talking about Krautrock as a useful new potential influence on electronic dance music, and I also tried to assert that it had already been a big influence through the latter’s development, but again I couldn’t really make myself heard.

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