race start distractions

It was the day of the Run for the Honey; I thought the race was starting at 12:30 and was out on errands or something, up near the end of race on a north-south road; the sky was overcast. I saw people warming up there and was thinking the start was only five minutes away, but it turned out to actually at 1:00. Then I was among a bunch of people walking or jogging along, going west along an elevated sidewalk on the north side of an east-west road. There were concrete stairs between the sidewalk and street, two sets of them superimposed — the lower ones dropped out about 5′ above street level, but we had followed another guy onto them and thus had to jump down to the street. Back inside a store maybe in the center of town with north, west, and east windows, I saw a quartet of stuffed animals that I kind of wanted to get, but then we left; I figured I would still surely be late for the start of the race but would just run it on my own time and would finish while others were still running it anyway. At some point my dad and I were in/at a pickup truck parked in a woodsy Mfeld-like area, maybe with a few Fire Dept people there.

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