Demdike Soundsystem

  • There was a big chunk of charcoal near the sunporch in the backyard in NH; I broke it up with a shovel to make it burn away faster; there was a strong southeasterly wind. My draft notes say “mostly whitish ground” but it’s unclear whether that’s from snow or, like, “snow.”
  • Demdike Stare had a big piece of analog sound tech outside on a truck bed, the box ~4′ wide x 18″ deep x 1′ high; there was something about being one of a type of people who traveled around with these, like a soundsystem; I might have also been part of it. Want to make this happen IRL
  • I was at CVS in the express line; there was long line of carts there but they were empty and unattended. I (I think, it’s not totally clear from my notes) had three Nalgenes to buy, but I had no card (CVS rewards card? debit card? not clear) but I DID have a tall orange wallet.
  • I was talking with one of my Wms friends about dub techno. He mentioned (changing the subject or skillfully segueing somehow? unclear) that I should visit Williamstown that weekend to see the winter views, e.g. scraggly interlocking trees on the hills in front of the Dome.

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