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green roof

  • I was looking up at the sky thru polarized glasses, sitting in the passenger seat of a car, with my roommate in the driver’s seat. I was looking through the sunroof. The sky was really dark with the glasses on, making a great contrast with fair-weather white clouds and a plane making a contrail. I had my roommate try the glasses and rotate her head to get the varying-polarization effect.
  • While maybe touring a building with maybe a WU class (there were definitely some WU people in the group anyway) on a sunny mid-afternoon, we went out on a roof, where there was a green roof guy (played by Jim Piddock, it appeared) who was telling us about a number of the green roof module boxes on that roof, some about 1’x3′, small enough to pick up and move around without too much trouble, others larger. There seemed to be quite a variety of plants in the different boxes. I noticed to the southeast a taller tower with a couple of trees growing on top, next to a smaller building volume like the top of a stairwell to the roof, which made me smile; the view of it seemed to be through a window, so that we had maybe just gone inside from the roof, at the same building level.

camera settings

  • On a sunny summer midday on a sea or big lake, some of my WU UD classmates were treading water/ferrying a raft, with lots of people on each side. Another classmate and I were tagging along after, able to walk on the water part of the time; we may have had big foam shoe blocks on. I discovered that my camera had a perspective setting that I’d totally forgotten about, including normal perspective, vertical-parallel perspective (as in architectural photography) which I played around with, seeing what happened to the sea horizon when I tipped the camera (it got wavy). I also noticed how it put a sharp angle in the wrong places at some points. There were lots of other perspective settings in addition, notated by fine-lined outline shape icons (rectangles, trapezoids, triangles, etc), but I didn’t get a chance to try out the rest.
  • I suddenly realized that the butternut and maple leaves still had stunning fall colors despite it being January; I snapped some pix; they seemed to be east of the house, while to the west was a semi-wooded valley sloping down from house with near and far trees, all also lovely reds. I snapped a crop through a window showing just the leaves near and far, without the window frame showing.
  • A large black bird landed on a high feeder outside to the west of the house in NH; its head looked like that of a songbird or maybe a crow, but its body was plump like a fowl; it had some red or orange spots of color and I wondered if it was an oriole.
  • My camera turned out to have another parameter, something like “spread” or “bulge”; I figured it out by looking at a carpeted ceiling while adjusting it (though I was looking at the camera while facing down somehow); it turned into a dome angle measure: 0 made a convex cusp, 90 was smooth, 180 a concave cusp, etc. I made (? draft rather unclear here) a big balloon to explain it to one of my high school teachers who was confused.

bonfire bunnies

  • There was a big grass bonfire-pile with lots of bunnies in it, and it was necessary to light it, but I wanted to get the bunnies out first. I started shooing some out; I wanted to douse the first flames with water to get them out, then let the burn proceed.
  • There were white- and dark-chocolate-looking small beetles in maybe the top piece of a coffeemaker.


equinox confusion

  • Somewhere I heard people talking about the solstice, and maybe in an ad I saw somewhere was the message “HAPPY YULE!” and I was confused because it wasn’t the winter solstice. Later, on a schoolbus, going southbound on a highway, on a clement day I think, I sat on the left side looking at boxy buildings going by, maybe with construction scaffolding. Some WU friends were sitting a seat behind me; I asked them if they knew what was going on, and they reminded me it was the spring equinox, and so I was like, oh by solstice they mean EQUINOX, and by YULE they mean (and here I was thinking “Harvest” but that was the wrong equinox; I was looking for “Eostre”), and we all agreed that it was confusing. Note that IRL this was one month after the solstice and two before the equinox.
  • I was trying to find the right place in a big fancy-clothing-store-like room full of clothes (but it was maybe actually more like a museum archive) to hang a suit back up that I was holding from its hanger; some guy came up, who worked there maybe, and helped me figure out where to put it; a number of other people were distributed around the room.

porch stove

Well this is a bit of a catastrophe. As of this writing, it’s actually Oct. 6, 2012, and I currently have SIXTY drafts stretching back to this one from January 15, all of which I would like to publish by, say, the end of 2012. Here is the first step thither.

I was on an enclosed porch with a big industrial-scale electric stove (with chunky heating elements rectangular in cross section) with the heating elements up around chest height, along the exterior wall opposite the one interior wall; I had a pizza-pan-like implement, except that it was doubled like a waffle iron, to cook things in on the stove. It was a sunny mid-morning; the seemingly east-facing wall behind the stove was maybe translucent so that it was showing tree shadows from beyond.

the arts

  • There was a guide to epic poetry that included a short epic-format poem itself. A couple of kids (from Bad Machinery maybe) were working on poems in the same format. One of them was editing out one of the lines in the first stanza of her poem; the other had to incorporate “Hitler” into one of the later stanzas of his, so he wrote “Hitler” in the bottom right corner of his notebook paper.
  • One of my WU friends was talking about a movie he was in, which morphed into me seeing the events for myself: it was deep twilight I think, and he was running west along a road in the woods, which turned a corner to the south, and he had to jump into the white pebble gravel off the west end of the stretch, which bloodied him up.
  • Construction on two buildings, maybe academic, had started, which I’d just visited the day before (maybe in a preceding dream scene). It seemed to be winter, around sunset. One building was to my north and the other to the east. The north one had a roof that was pitched, maybe in multiple peaks, but the perimeter of it was flat. I’d wanted to get up on the roof and now had the opportunity to help out with the construction, so I was able to go up there; I helped another WU friend to carry some large-surface-area pieces of something along it. Yet another WU friend was there too, as well as a NH friend sitting on the ground with a parka on.
  • A group of us were consulting with architects one-by-one. We went south through a door into a wide room with south and west windows, to meet Bob Stern (that was my assumption about who he was, anyway; he looked familiar, and I verified his identity via bow tie), but he seemed to be talking about fruitful directions to go in electronic music. He brought up Krautrock, not in name but by talking about avant-garde rock music in Germany in the 70s, and started to list important bands, which others immediately started to contribute to (Kraftwerk, Harmonia, Cluster, Can, …) I brought up NEU! but Stern thought they were more of a power-rock group, and I tried to assert that they were on the contrary one of the most rhythm-oriented bands from the scene, but people were talking over each other and I didn’t really get heard. I think Stern was talking about Krautrock as a useful new potential influence on electronic dance music, and I also tried to assert that it had already been a big influence through the latter’s development, but again I couldn’t really make myself heard.

race start distractions

It was the day of the Run for the Honey; I thought the race was starting at 12:30 and was out on errands or something, up near the end of race on a north-south road; the sky was overcast. I saw people warming up there and was thinking the start was only five minutes away, but it turned out to actually at 1:00. Then I was among a bunch of people walking or jogging along, going west along an elevated sidewalk on the north side of an east-west road. There were concrete stairs between the sidewalk and street, two sets of them superimposed — the lower ones dropped out about 5′ above street level, but we had followed another guy onto them and thus had to jump down to the street. Back inside a store maybe in the center of town with north, west, and east windows, I saw a quartet of stuffed animals that I kind of wanted to get, but then we left; I figured I would still surely be late for the start of the race but would just run it on my own time and would finish while others were still running it anyway. At some point my dad and I were in/at a pickup truck parked in a woodsy Mfeld-like area, maybe with a few Fire Dept people there.

Demdike Soundsystem

  • There was a big chunk of charcoal near the sunporch in the backyard in NH; I broke it up with a shovel to make it burn away faster; there was a strong southeasterly wind. My draft notes say “mostly whitish ground” but it’s unclear whether that’s from snow or, like, “snow.”
  • Demdike Stare had a big piece of analog sound tech outside on a truck bed, the box ~4′ wide x 18″ deep x 1′ high; there was something about being one of a type of people who traveled around with these, like a soundsystem; I might have also been part of it. Want to make this happen IRL
  • I was at CVS in the express line; there was long line of carts there but they were empty and unattended. I (I think, it’s not totally clear from my notes) had three Nalgenes to buy, but I had no card (CVS rewards card? debit card? not clear) but I DID have a tall orange wallet.
  • I was talking with one of my Wms friends about dub techno. He mentioned (changing the subject or skillfully segueing somehow? unclear) that I should visit Williamstown that weekend to see the winter views, e.g. scraggly interlocking trees on the hills in front of the Dome.

Mex City run

I was in Mexico City and wanted to run from the center to the eastern/southeastern edge of development and back (where I visited IRL two summers ago) on non-highways. Looking on a map, I guess, I found a workable route pretty quickly. I went up over a shallow mountain (the map seemed to be immersive 3D) that had been in view from where we were, in our hotel maybe. It was latish afternoon, with the sun fairly low.

teddy bear comix

Aw dang, got the whole first quarter and more of 2012 to catch up on cuz it’s already April 8. But as usual I’m publishing these on their dates-of-dreaming. So, here we go with January 2, with this bullet list being all that I wrote in the draft and hence the totality of my recollection after all this time:

  • beats on bus (120 → 135 breakbeat)
  • teddy bear comix
  • penguins swimming in golden water [ed. 4/8/12: no comment]
  • induction n → n+1 explanation on a north-south bridge