Bordeaux times

My parents and I were visiting my uncle at his apartment in Bordeaux (which in the dream was located in Savoie, around the RL location of Chambéry), which was accompanied by a multistory lobby with an angled stairway up to the apartment; there were multiple half-levels inside the apartment, and overall it was an interesting and pleasant space with a nice mix of materials; the ceiling was maybe a single plane and thus quite low where floor was highest; the main stairs were in the southwest corner (the lobby was to the west); there were windows to the east, south, and west, and maybe a bunch of plants around, and I think there were interesting art posters on the walls. At one point I went outside and walked along the east-west main street (the apartment building was on the south side of it) with high east sun, carrying a big white bowl full of fried-dough sort of things. I realized there were a few kids doing similar, walking up and down the street with bowls of fried dough, and other kids would offer money to them for the dough; this seemed to be a special event that day; I was worried that I was stepping on toes thereby, but I kept walking; on the way back east one girl gave me some money bills for the dough, which I think had gotten low by then.

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