jd from Jn

  • I encountered the word “jd” as a term, don’t really remember what it referred to, but it was a full word, pronounced “eed,” and “Jn” was in the mix as well (similarly pronounced “een”; it was maybe the place in Denmark where jd comes from (I have a vague notion of the accompanying setting being outside on a lawn by the wall of a big brick building).
  • There was an asphalt park path full of straight stretches punctuated by right-angled corners (that seemed to be named for Ben Klock), running through a north-south-oriented greensward with trees to the east and a long building to the west, toward which the path led. The building was white, modern, about 3 stories high, with the long east wall facing the park, and with plenty of glazing; I went up the path to the entrance, and just inside, visible via glazing from outside, was a baseboard heater against the south wall of the room, as well as a couch against the same wall. To the east of the couch I placed some sort of finned white plastic arrangement to try to diffuse the radiator’s heat more — actually I placed two plastic pieces, one on top of the other, and wondered whether the radiator would start melting the lower one.

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