horse finish

  • I was running a 5K through rolling, bucolic woods and then field areas, on a late afternoon; I was leading despite feeling like I was running slow. A family of runners (mostly middle-aged) was next, and they seemed to pass by oncoming at one point, as the course was maybe out & back. The last mile or so was asphalt and mostly downhill and I got going super-fast; the finish was through the gate of a wooden post & beam fence of a farm on the west side of another (north-south) road that the road I’d come in on from the northeast ended in, and I was riding a horse at that point; the time on watch was 8:37 or similar, which seemed slow because I was thinking about it as mile time.
  • I was riding the T from Davis, going back to a hotel; the route through the interior of the very wide-area station was twisty. The car also was also wide, with back-to-back sideways-facing bench seats in the middle (so like a doubling of the T seat arrangement IRL).
  • I was trying to find the remains of forking railroads from Davis but was actually walking south along the road in NH. I thought I saw a trace of a railroad bed slanching across the road slightly, but it seemed to maybe be vehicle trax instead.

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