chair morph

  • Up at camp, our family friend there kept driving by (by the cabin maybe, though it seemed more like home in NH inside) after dark. Later I was in his house, which contained a dining hall with adjacent courtyards and with a low ceiling but lots of windows with long east/south/west views; one of my Wms friends was there and another came in after I was there, and there were a number of other people present too.
  • In a parking lot at night, with a bunch of students’ cars parked there, was a huge chair. I was there with other students. The chair then also turned into what someone called an airplane, but it was actually a small-yacht-sized structure made out of parallel (crosswise) curved wood slats, and it was actually a chair (it shrank in scale as the scene went on) that would mold itself to how you sat or lay on it; the surroundings became a living room during a bright day, with daylight coming in from east and west, where I was dancing with friends on the slat chair and other pieces of furniture.
  • I arrived by walking to maybe an elementary school or possibly a mixed-ages school (not sure whether I was a student or teacher) that was held in the boatshop. It was a gray early morning. I opened the door of a silver sedan parked in front of the door, owned by one of my friends, to get something of mine out, then went in where there was a group of parents and kids standing in a circle talking (this was probably inspired by watching the Louis CK special.)

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