alma mater matters

Multiple vignettes from a gathering ostensibly at Wms, not necessarily chronological:

  • I was talking to a friend on Twitter on her birthday, and she had lots of quick-looped YouTube videos of friends that synced well with the 4×4 beat of the house/techno I was listening to.
  • A family friend had put some large wide boards with screws sticking out at angles on the lawn in the backyard by the door to the long garage. I guessed that they were to go on the roof to keep birds away. He unscrewed one of the screws to reveal that it was hollow and attached by another screw to the board.
  • I lay down in the grass out by the compost (but outside the backyard), and a short sprinkle of rain fell despite the sky containing just cirrocumulus.
  • I looked south through the long garage (which was at the southern end of the open space in this case, with the woods near to its south) and saw a whole bunch of railroad workers sitting about.
  • At the north edge of a quad that seemed similar to the RL Frosh Quad was a large old brick simple classical-style hall (like Griffin Hall IRL); I went inside through a door in the west half of the south wall, into a lecture room with shades mostly down and lights off, as if for a slideshow; the room adjoining to the east was also unlit but with shades up and with quite high ceilings, so it was bright with daylight; one of my WU profs was writing out a complex series of equations to help some of my classmates through problems; one of my WU friends was definitely there too, yet the setting still seemed to be more Wms. Also on the wall was a really big penciled diagram of capitalized words [in square brackets] connected by lines, in complex but orderly groupings, seemingly in my handwriting. I wondered if it was from way back in FRS. I think there were other such diagrams filling the walls nearby; I returned to the dark room and then went back out into the quad, where a grid of people sitting at classroom desks was now filling the quad, facing north (i.e. facing me), so with an amused start I slipped sideways to the west edge of the quad to leave it and draw as little attention as possible to myself.

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